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Subaru L Series (Third Generation) 4-Door Sedan (AC)
General and Europe (Right-Hand Drive)
MY 1986AC1BK2MG/EL Series 1.3 DL5MTFWDEA6565 PS
MY 1987AC1CK2MG/EL Series 1.3 DL5MTFWDEA6565 PS
MY 1988AC1DK2MG/EL Series 1.3 DL5MTFWDEA6565 PS
MY 1988AC1DK3MG/EL Series 1.3 GL5MTFWDEA6565 PS
MY 1989AC1EK2MG/EL Series 1.3 DL5MTFWDEA6565 PS
MY 1989AC1EK3MG/EL Series 1.3 GL5MTFWDEA6565 PS
MY 1990AC1FK2MG/EL Series 1.3 DL5MTFWDEA6565 PS
MY 1990AC2FK2MG/EL Series 1.6 DL5MTFWDEA7174 PS
MY 1990AC2FK3MG/EL Series 1.6 GL5MTFWDEA7174 PS
MY 1991AC1GK2MG/EL Series 1.3 DL5MTFWDEA6565 PS
MY 1992AC1HK2MG/EL Series 1.3 DL5MTFWDEA6565 PS
MY 1993AC1JK2MG/EL Series 1.3 DL5MTFWDEA6565 PS
Subaru L Series (Third Generation) 3-Door Coupé (AG)
General and Europe (Right-Hand Drive)
MY 1990AG2FK3MG/EL Series 1.6 GL5MTFWDEA7174 PS
MY 1990AG5FK9DG/EL Series 4WD Turbo5MTF4WDEA82136 PS
Subaru L Series (Third Generation) 2-Door Coupé (AX)
General and Europe (Right-Hand Drive)
MY 1986AX7BK9BG/EXT 4WD TurboEA82
MY 1986AX7BK9CG/EXT 4WD TurboEA82
MY 1987AX7CK9BG/EXT 4WD TurboEA82
MY 1987AX7CK9CG/EXT 4WD TurboEA82
MY 1988AX7DK9PG/EXT 4WD TurboE-4ATF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1988AX7DK9DG/EXT 4WD Turbo5MTF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1989AX7EK9PG/EXT 4WD TurboE-4ATF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1989AX7EK9DG/EXT 4WD Turbo5MTF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1990AX7FK9PG/EXT 4WD TurboE-4ATF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1990AX7FK9DG/EXT 4WD Turbo5MTF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1991AX7GK9PG/EXT 4WD TurboE-4ATF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1991AX7GK9DG/EXT 4WD Turbo5MTF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1992AX7HK9PG/EXT 4WD TurboE-4ATF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1992AX7HK9DG/EXT 4WD Turbo5MTF4WDEA82136 PS
Australia and Thailand (Right-Hand Drive)
MY 1988AX7DU9PAUVortex 4WD TurboE-4ATF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1988AX7DU9DAUVortex 4WD Turbo5MTF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1989AX7EU9PAUVortex 4WD TurboE-4ATF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1989AX7EU9DAUVortex 4WD Turbo5MTF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1990AX7FU9PAUVortex 4WD TurboE-4ATF4WDEA82136 PS
MY 1990AX7FU9DAUVortex 4WD Turbo5MTF4WDEA82136 PS
Subaru Legacy (First Generation Series 1) 4-Door Sedan (BC)
Japanese Domestic Market (Right-Hand Drive)
Revision ABC2A42GJPLegacy Ei5MTFWDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC2A43RJPLegacy MiE-4ATFWDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC2A43RJPLegacy Mi ExtraE-4ATFWDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC2A43GJPLegacy Mi5MTFWDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC2A43GJPLegacy Mi Extra5MTFWDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC2A44RJPLegacy TiE-4ATFWDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC2A44RJPLegacy Ti type SE-4ATFWDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC2A44GJPLegacy Ti5MTFWDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC2A44GJPLegacy Ti type S5MTFWDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC2A45RJPLegacy ViE-4ATFWDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC2A45JJPLegacy Vi5MTFWDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC3A43RJPLegacy MiE-4ATF4WDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC3A43RJPLegacy Mi ExtraE-4ATF4WDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC3A43GJPLegacy Mi5MTS4WDEJ18S110 PS
Revision ABC3A43GJPLegacy Mi Extra5MTS4WDEJ18S110 PS
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Subaru Applied Model code location

Subaru VIN plate location
Subaru Legacy GT-B VIN plate

The Applied Model is a 7-digit code number that is used by Subaru to identify a car’s specification, but does not uniquely identify each individual car. Almost all Subaru cars have the Applied Model stamped on a metal plate that can be found riveted to the top of the near-side strut tower, although some cars have the plate in one of the front door frames.

The information encoded within the Applied Model number contains details of the vehicle’s model, body type, engine type, gearbox, trim-level and period of production. By entering you car’s Applied Model number at the top of the page you will be able to decode this number and view the specification of your car.