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These web pages have been written by a Subaru enthusiast for use by fellow enthusiasts, and are intended to bring together the bits of information found over several years of Subaru ownership. Most of the information is related to JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Legacy models, built between 1990 and 2005, but other models are included. It is not a comprehensive guide, and has no connection to Subaru or any other business or dealership. If and when more information is found the web pages will be updated.

Work in progress

Web pages that still require some work but may be of use…

Website updates

16th February 2018Subaru L Series 4-Door Sedan Specifications added. This page was written as a test to see if a planned future website update is feasible. The page is a recreation of the specifications page found in the 1990 L Series Service Manual (with American spelling corrected to UK English) and at this time only show details of 4-door Sedan models. More may be added later.
11th February 2018New design layout for the Menu page and a few design tweaks for the Transmission Type Search page.
9th February 2018Model Code Revision Letter(s) added to list of results in Transmission Type Searches.
4th February 2018Bug in Vehicle Speed Calculator page that prevented speeds being shown in km/h when using Chrome or Safari browser types has now been fixed.
28th January 2018Bugs associated with the website move have been fixed, and additional information has been added for Transmission Type Searches.