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Please Sign In to view photographs at full quality or full screen size 7 views 4 comments 1 like2020 Photograph, Impreza WRX, Brisbane, Australia

new changes coming

Photograph posted by @Mykalkw Search Brisbane, Australia

new front mount being installed, new rims being added, fibreglass kit needs repaired.

Four Member Comments

@Mykalkw's Avatar
23:06:49 Thursday 11th June 2020@Mykalkw commented 3 weeks ago

new changes coming! update soon!

@Bip's Avatar
00:46:23 Sunday 21st June 2020@Bip commented 2 weeks ago

Wow! That is a bright colour!

@Mykalkw's Avatar
19:22:50 Thursday 25th June 2020@Mykalkw commented 10 days ago

change is coming, picture dosnt do it justice, its not that bad

@Bip's Avatar
19:01:44 Tuesday 30th June 2020@Bip commented 5 days ago

Oooo change! Sounds ominous. I'll be watching in anticipation.