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Please Sign In to view photographs at full quality or full screen size 7 views 2 comments 3 likes2020 Photograph, Impreza 2.0 R Luxury S

Photograph Untitled

Photograph posted by @SunsetHawk Search Unknown Location

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@Adam's Avatar
09:47:31 Thursday 27th August 2020@Adam commented 4 weeks ago

I've not seen that colour before. Very nice!

@Bip's Avatar
18:53:55 Thursday 3rd September 2020@Bip commented 3 weeks ago

Wow, love the colour! Excuse my ignorance but is the 'P' in the window because you have recently passed your driving test? It is here in the UK, but there would be no chance a newly qualified driver could get insurance on an Impreza, no matter what the spec.