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Please Sign In to view photographs at full quality or full screen size 21 views 2 comments 4 likes2012 Photograph, Legacy GT-B S-edition, Scottish Highlands

Photo Shoot

Photograph posted by @Adam Search Scottish Highlands

Found a nice spot to get some photos of @MrSprint's car. This shot was later used in the calendar as Miss November 2013.

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@Beardo's Avatar
20:43:33 Sunday 1st September 2019@Beardo commented 55 weeks ago

Anybody know what wheels these are please?

@Adam's Avatar
13:56:34 Monday 2nd September 2019@Adam commented 55 weeks ago

They were on the car when @MrSprint bought it. If I remember correctly they were not from a brand I had ever heard of, and certainly not the correct ones for the car. I think the Prodrive style wheel he later fitted suited the car much better.