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Please Sign In to view photographs at full quality or full screen size 12 views 4 comments 3 likes2020 Photograph, Impreza WRX type R STi version VI, Southern Ontario, Canada

Photograph Untitled

Photograph posted by @RemoteSix Search Southern Ontario, Canada

Four Member Comments

@Bip's Avatar
09:44:41 Wednesday 12th August 2020@Bip commented 11 weeks ago

Very nice! I do love a two door. Love the 22B style front bumper, genuine or replica?

@Adam's Avatar
17:26:50 Thursday 13th August 2020@Adam commented 11 weeks ago

I love the way it's parked next to a sign that says "No Picture or Video Taking Devices"

@Bip's Avatar
20:22:31 Thursday 13th August 2020@Bip commented 11 weeks ago

Hahaha, I hadn't spotted that!

23:11:11 Saturday 15th August 2020@RemoteSix commented 11 weeks ago

@Bip it's a genuine sport bumper. As for the signs, I thought it was funny as well.