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Model Applications

4 Subaru Models fitted with selected Transmission Type as standard, or available as an option.

TY752VN3BAGC8B,CGBImpreza Turbo 2000 4WD210 PS3/947/95
TY752VN3BAGC8B,CAUImpreza WRX210 PS3/947/95
TY752VN3BAGC8CGBImpreza SERIES McRAE210 PS6/957/95
TY752VN3BAGF8B,CGBImpreza 5 Door Turbo 2000 4WD210 PS3/947/95

Transmission Specification

5-Speed Manual Transmission (5MT)Plot Graph

Main Transmission
First Gear Ratio3.454:1
Second Gear Ratio1.947:1
Third Gear Ratio1.366:1
Forth Gear Ratio0.972:1
Fifth Gear Ratio0.738:1
Sixth Gear Ratio
Seventh Gear Ratio
Reverse Gear Ratio3.416:1
High Range Ratio
Low Range Ratio
Drive System
Full-time four wheel drive (VCD)
Bevel gear type centre differential with viscous coupling slip limiter.
Front Differential
Ring Gear Teeth39
Pinion Gear Teeth10
Final Drive Ratio3.900:1
Transfer Case
Output Ratio1.100:1
Rear Differential
Final Drive Ratio3.545:1

Transmissions with Matching Ratios

TY752VN4BAViscous Limited-Slip Centre Differential (VCD)Open Front Differential
TY752VN5BAViscous Limited-Slip Centre Differential (VCD)Open Front Differential
TY754VN1AAViscous Limited-Slip Centre Differential (VCD)Open Front Differential