Subaru ECU types

List of known Subaru ECU types. This list is not complete and is made up mostly of JDM Legacy Turbo models, but additional information will be added if and when it becomes available. Vehicles are General and European Market unless otherwise shown as JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) or USDM (United States Domestic Market).


Subaru Legacy (First Generation) Sedan (BC)
JDM (RHD) Revision A (Series 1)
BC5A44ELegacy TZEJ20DE-4ATAA880
BC5A44ELegacy TZEJ20DE-4ATAA880
BC5A44FLegacy TZEJ20D5MTAA880
BC5A46ELegacy VZEJ20DE-4ATAA880
BC5A46FLegacy VZEJ20D5MTAA880
BC5A48DLegacy RSEJ20G5MTAA600
BC5A48DLegacy RSEJ20G5MTAA600
BC5A49PLegacy GTEJ20GE-4ATAA740
JDM (RHD) Revision B (Series 1)
BC5B44ELegacy TZEJ20DE-4ATAA880
BC5B44FLegacy TZEJ20D5MTAA880
BC5B48DLegacy RSEJ20G5MTAA600
BC5B49PLegacy GTEJ20GE-4ATAA740
JDM (RHD) Revision C (Series 2)
BC5C48DLegacy RSEJ20G5MTAA600
JDM (RHD) Revision D (Series 2)
BC5D48DLegacy RSEJ20G5MTAA600

Subaru Legacy (First Generation) Touring Wagon (BF)
JDM (RHD) Revision A (Series 1)
BF5A44ELegacy TZEJ20DE-4ATAA880
BF5A44FLegacy TZEJ20D5MTAA880
BF5A46ELegacy VZEJ20DE-4ATAA880
BF5A46FLegacy VZEJ20D5MTAA880
BF5A49DLegacy GTEJ20G5MTAA740
BF5A49PLegacy GTEJ20GE-4ATAA740
JDM (RHD) Revision B (Series 1)
BF5B49DLegacy GTEJ20G5MTAA740
BF5B49PLegacy GTEJ20GE-4ATAA740
JDM (RHD) Revision C (Series 2)
BF5C49PLegacy GTEJ20GE-4ATAA910
BF5C49PLegacy GT-XEJ20GE-4ATAA910

Subaru Legacy (Second Generation) Sedan (BD)
JDM (RHD) Revision A
BD5A48DLegacy RSEJ20H5MTR6, 7C
BD5A48PLegacy RSEJ20HE-4ATT5, 8C
JDM (RHD) Revision B
BD5B48DLegacy RSEJ20R5MT4G
BD5B48PLegacy RSEJ20HE-4AT9H
BD5B49PLegacy GTEJ20HE-4AT9H
JDM (RHD) Revision C
BD5C48DLegacy RSEJ20R5MT87
BD5C48PLegacy RSEJ20HE-4AT87
BD5C49PLegacy GTEJ20HE-4AT87
European (RHD) Revision B

Subaru Legacy (Second Generation) Touring Wagon (BG)
JDM (RHD) Revision A
BG5A59DLegacy GTEJ20H5MTR6, 7C
BG5A59DLegacy GT/B-specEJ20H5MTR6, 7C
BG5A59DLegacy GT/B-spec IIEJ20H5MTR6, 7C
BG5A59DLegacy GT/V-LimitedEJ20H5MTR6, 7C
BG5A59PLegacy GTEJ20HE-4ATT5, 8C
BG5A59PLegacy GT/B-specEJ20HE-4ATT5, 8C
BG5A59PLegacy GT/B-spec IIEJ20HE-4ATT5, 8C
BG5A59PLegacy GT/E-specEJ20HE-4ATT5, 8C
BG5A59PLegacy GT/V-LimitedEJ20HE-4ATT5, 8C
BG9A5AELegacy 250TEJ25DE-4ATU9
BG9A5AELegacy 250T-GEJ25DE-4ATU9
BG9A5AELegacy 250T-VEJ25DE-4ATU9
BG9A5BELegacy Grand WagonEJ25DE-4ATU9?
JDM (RHD) Revision B
BG5B59DLegacy GTEJ20H5MT5G
BG5B59DLegacy GT V-LimitedEJ20H5MT5G
BG5B59PLegacy GTEJ20HE-4AT9H
BG5B59PLegacy GT V-LimitedEJ20HE-4AT9H
JDM (RHD) Revision C
BG5C59PLegacy GTEJ20HE-4ATI3
BG5C5CDLegacy GT-BEJ20R5MT87
BG5C5EDLegacy GT-B LimitedEJ20R5MT87
BG5C5EPLegacy GT-B LimitedEJ20HE-4ATI3

Subaru Legacy (Third Generation) Sedan (BE)
JDM (RHD) Revision A
BE5A48DLegacy B4 RSKEJ2085MTH7
BE5A48TLegacy B4 RSKEJ206E-4ATH7
JDM (RHD) Revision B
BE5B48DLegacy B4 BlitzenEJ2085MT40
BE5B48DLegacy B4 RSKEJ2085MT40
BE5B48TLegacy B4 BlitzenEJ206E-4ATL3
BE5B48TLegacy B4 RSKEJ206E-4ATL3
JDM (RHD) Revision C
BE5C48DLegacy B4 Blitzen 2001 modelEJ2085MTY9
BE5C48DLegacy B4 RSKEJ2085MTY9
BE5C48DLegacy B4 RSKEJ2085MTY9
BE5C48TLegacy B4 Blitzen 2001 modelEJ206E-4ATY8
BE5C48TLegacy B4 RSKEJ206E-4ATY8
BE5C48TLegacy B4 RSKEJ206E-4ATY9
JDM (RHD) Revision D
BE5D48DLegacy B4 RSKEJ2085MT1X
BE5D4RDLegacy B4 RSKEJ2085MT1X
BEED4PELegacy B4 Blitzen 6EZ30DE-4AT4E
BESD4UHLegacy B4 S401 STi versionEJ2086MTSG

Subaru Legacy (Third Generation) Touring Wagon (BH)
JDM (RHD) Revision A
BH5A59PLegacy GTEJ206E-4AT39
BH5A59PLegacy GT-VDCEJ206E-4AT39
BH5A5CDLegacy GT-BEJ2085MT40
BH5A5CPLegacy GT-BEJ206E-4AT39
JDM (RHD) Revision B
BH5B5CDLegacy GT-B E-tuneEJ2085MT40
BH5B5CPLegacy GT-BEJ206E-4ATL3
BH5B5CTLegacy GT-B E-tuneEJ206E-4ATL3
JDM (RHD) Revision C
BH5C5CDLegacy Blitzen 2001 modelEJ2085MTY9
BH5C5CTLegacy Blitzen 2001 modelEJ206E-4ATY8
JDM (RHD) Revision D
BHED5KELegacy Lancaster 6EZ30DE-4AT4E
BHED5SELegacy Lancaster 6EZ30DE-4AT4E

Subaru Impreza (First Generation) Coupé (GC)
JDM (RHD) Revision D
GC8D2DDImpreza WRX type R STi versionEJ20K5MT6S
JDM (RHD) Revision E
GC8E2DDImpreza WRX type R STi version IVEJ20K5MT6S
JDM (RHD) Revision F
GC8F2DDImpreza WRX type R STi version VEJ2075MTJ2
GC8F2DDImpreza WRX type R STi version V LimitedEJ2075MTJ2
JDM (RHD) Revision G
GC8G2FDImpreza WRX type R STi version VIEJ2075MTJ2
GC8G2FDImpreza WRX type R STi version VI LimitedEJ2075MTJ2

Subaru Impreza (First Generation) Sedan (GC)
JDM (RHD) Revision A
GC8A47DImpreza WRX type RAEJ20G5MTW6
GC8A48DImpreza WRXEJ20G5MTW6
JDM (RHD) Revision B
GC8B47DImpreza WRX type RAEJ20G5MTW6
GC8B48DImpreza WRXEJ20G5MTW6
GC8B48DImpreza WRX STi versionEJ20G5MTSA
GC8B48PImpreza WRXEJ20GE-4ATW6
JDM (RHD) Revision C
GC8C47DImpreza WRX type RAEJ20G5MTZ5
GC8C47DImpreza WRX type RA STi versionEJ20G5MT7K
JDM (RHD) Revision D
GC8D47DImpreza WRX type RAEJ20K5MT6S
JDM (RHD) Revision E
GC8E47DImpreza WRX type RAEJ20K5MT75
JDM (RHD) Revision G
GC8G4DDImpreza WRX type RA STi version VI LimitedEJ2075MTJ2

Subaru Impreza (First Generation) Sports Wagon (GF)
European (RHD) Revision G
GF8GK8DImpreza Turbo 2000 AWDEJ2055MTW6