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Subaru SVX LS

Applied ModelCXWAY5E-XX Search Code
BuiltNot Recorded
Original TransmissionElectro 4-Speed Automatic (E-4AT)
Original Colour35
Rarity131 Cars Built With Matching Specification
This is the total amount of Subaru SVX LS built that have Applied Model CXWAY5E and Colour Code 35.

#SPCSHP Timeline

Current Owner@EZ30MattF6
StatusProject Car
Date Acquired1st January 2022




Posted by @EZ30MattF6 (Current Owner) on Wednesday, 11th May 2022.

The original owner was an airline pilot, when he passed away, it went up for sale and was acquired by another acquaintance of mine. I bought it sight unseen, non-running, unknown condition for $500 USD. I plan on restoring this vehicle completely, using period correct modifications & building the engine for more power. 5mt is lined up for the swap, with possible 6mt swap for the books.