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Hello, welcome to LegacyPic

LegacyPic is the creation of a group of Subaru enthusiasts who wish document the adventures and problems that have come with ownership of their cars. Owners of all Subaru types are welcome to share their photographs and experiences, it's not just for the Legacy.

Note: This website is still in development and does not have full support for mobile phones.

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27th Dec 2021Updates for the specifications database, mostly first generation Impreza models.
15th Oct 2021Database updates, more models added.
5th Aug 2021Layout revision for the "Members Subaru" search page.
26th Jul 2021Bug Fix: The bug that caused the "No Avatar" notification to crash the website has been fixed. This only affected certain users and went unnoticed for way too long. Sorry.
19th Jun 2021Database updates for JDM Forester (SG) models.