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Hello, welcome to LegacyPic

LegacyPic is the creation of a group of Subaru enthusiasts who wish document the adventures and problems that have come with ownership of their cars. Owners of all Subaru types are welcome to share their photographs and experiences, it's not just for the Legacy.

Note: This website is still in development and does not have full support for mobile phones.

Follow me on Instergram for my photographs of other makes and models @adamharber. Now on VERO too @adamharber

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    15th Jan 2023Bug fix where images were not appearing on registers.
    1st Jan 2023New Register started for the Impreza RB5, busing a couple of auction cars to set the ball rolling.
    1st Jan 2023Model Specifications page now has links to other models with similar specifications.
    29th Dec 2022A few minor tweaks.
    16th Oct 2022Specifications for Canadian market Subaru Baja added.