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Hello, welcome to LegacyPic

LegacyPic is the creation of a group of Subaru enthusiasts who wish document the adventures and problems that have come with ownership of their cars. Owners of all Subaru types are welcome to share their photographs and experiences, it's not just for the Legacy.

Note: This website is still in development and does not have full support for mobile phones.

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11th Apr 2021Specifications database update with new information, mostly to JDM GC8 Imprezas.
11th Feb 2021Bug fix for the error where some pages didn't recognise when a user was logged in.
7th Jan 2021Due to spam, the "Contact Us" page now requires a user to be Signed In.
4th Jan 2021New "Contact Us" page added. See main menu for link.
2nd Jan 2021NEW FEATURE: Search for Members' Cars, Members, and Photographs by using the entering a Keyword(s) at the top of the page.