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This page is a simple list of all the main updates made to the website by the admin team. Hopefully it will demonstrate that although the website is still in development, progress is being made!

22nd July 2020Search for vehicle specifications by year/model/grade/transmission. New page is currently still in testing, here... Link
10th July 2020“Decade+ Club” Register added, for Subarus that are still with the same owner after ten or more years. Link
21st June 2020Bug fix: The full screen photograph function now works again.
7th June 2020The bug that caused the photograph page to crash when not signed in has now been squashed.
2nd June 2020OEM Specifications database updates for JDM Legacy Gen.1 cars.
24th May 2020Bug fixes and minor layout tweaks
20th May 2020“Website Updates” box added to the Home Page.
19th May 2020“Keep me Signed In” bug fixed. When checked this will now keep a user signed in for 30-days (cookies used).
17th May 2020Chassis List bug fix. UK-spec vehicles now shown again.
12th May 2020Transmission Swap function added... Enter the new Transmission Type code (eg TY754VB1EA) and the date of change, and it will appear on the Subaru's Timeline. You can also add the "story" of the change. The Subaru will also be shown in the correct Register for the new Transmission (6MT, DCCD, etc.)
9th May 2020Applied Model codes and full gallery support for G/E (Australia) Subaru Legacy Gen.2 Sedan (“BD”) added.
8th May 2020Applied Model codes and full gallery support for USDM (USA, Canada, and Taiwan) Subaru Baja added (all model years).
6th May 2020Applied Model codes and full gallery support for MY '92, MY '93 and MY '94 USDM (USA, Canada, and Taiwan) Subaru Legacy added.
4th May 2020Applied Model codes and full gallery support for MY '90 and MY '91 USDM (USA, Canada, and Taiwan) Subaru Legacy added.
30th March 2020The Applied Model decoder has now been added to the mobile phone version of the website.
27th December 2019Additional Applied Model codes added for BM and BR fifth generation Legacy.
1st December 2019Tweaks to the search engines for faster results when searching for Transmission Type or Engine Type codes.
4th September 2019Car register and photograph gallery added.
16th July 2019Additional codes added for third and fourth generation UK-spec Legacy and Outback.
7th June 2019More codes added to the database, and a few errors corrected.
16th May 2019Applied Model codes added for all UK-spec Second Generation Legacys. These models also have production numbers and lists of VIN numbers.
9th April 2019New function added to search by Engine Type code. Please note, this function is still under construction and not all specifications are displayed at this time.
7th April 2019Database update for certain JDM Legacy Sedan (BL) models
11th February 2019New "Settings" page added to allow users to choose what units are used when displaying Power and Torque information.
3rd February 2019Additional engine specifications shown when searching by Applied Model codes
20th January 2019New layout for displaying vehicle specifications when using Applied Model Code search.
14th January 2019Vehicle Speed Calculator and Graph updated to allow for 7-speed transmissions. Plus a few bugs fixed and layout tweaked.
11th January 2019Minor database updates following the discovery of new information.
19th May 2018Bug fix... Missing Option Codes for Legacy Twin-Turbo "BH" models are now shown.
16th March 2018Flag icon added to list of vehicles on the Transmission Type search page.
11th March 2018Database optimisation... Now tuned for faster results!
9th March 2018Database updated to include JDM Forester First Generation (SF) information.
8th March 2018More layout changes.
1st March 2018Minor layout tweeks and a few database updates.
25th February 2018Additional information and error corrected on the JDM Second Generation Legacy page.
22nd February 2018Layout bugs left over from yesterdays update have been fixed. Extra JDM Legacy Gen2 info added to database.
21st February 2018Improved layout for Transmission Type codes shown in car specifications, with links to further information where available.
16th February 2018Subaru L Series 4-Door Sedan Specifications added. This page was written as a test to see if a planned future website update is feasible. The page is a recreation of the specifications page found in the 1990 L Series Service Manual (with American spelling corrected to UK English) and at this time only show details of 4-door Sedan models. More may be added later.
11th February 2018New design layout for the Menu page and a few design tweaks for the Transmission Type Search page.
9th February 2018Model Code Revision Letter(s) added to list of results in Transmission Type Searches.
4th February 2018Bug in Vehicle Speed Calculator page that prevented speeds being shown in km/h when using Chrome or Safari browser types has now been fixed.
28th January 2018Bugs associated with the website move have been fixed, and additional information has been added for Transmission Type Searches.
25th January 2018Due to a hosting problem, these web pages have been moved to a new site and thus have a new URL.