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OEM Specifications [Beta]


Transmission Abbreviations
5MT5-Speed Manual
6MT6-Speed Manual
CVTLineartronic Continuously Variable
E-3ATElectro 3-Speed Automatic
E-4ATElectro 4-Speed Automatic
E-5ATElectro 5-Speed Automatic
E-6ATElectro 6-Speed Automatic

Drivetrain Abbreviations
FWDFront Wheel Drive
RWDRear Wheel Drive
F4WDFull-time Four Wheel Drive
S4WDSelectable Four Wheel Drive

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my '01GG9AImpreza 2.0 GX AWD5-Door5MT •F4WD
19841985AA3ALeone 4WD 1.6 SG JDM4-Door5MT •S4WD
19841985AA7ALeone 4WD 1.8 GT-Turbo JDM4-DoorE-3AT •F4WD
19841985AA5ALeone 4WD 1.8 RX-Turbo JDM4-Door5MT •S4WD
19841985AA5ALeone 4WD 1.8 ST JDM4-Door5MT •S4WD
19841985AA5ALeone 4WD 1.8 ST JDM4-DoorE-3AT •
19851986AC1BL Series 1.3 DL4-Door5MT •FWD
1985AA3ALeone 4WD 1.6 SG JDM Hokkaido4-Door5MT •S4WD
19851986AX7BXT 4WD Turbo2-Door
19851986AX7BXT 4WD Turbo2-Door
19861987AC1CL Series 1.3 DL4-Door5MT •FWD
19861987AX7CXT 4WD Turbo2-Door
19861987AX7CXT 4WD Turbo2-Door
19871988AC1DL Series 1.3 DL4-Door5MT •FWD
19871988AC1DL Series 1.3 GL4-Door5MT •FWD
19871988AA3DLeone 1.6 4WD Maia II JDM4-Door5MT •
19871988AX7DVortex 4WD Turbo2-Door5MT •F4WD
19871988AX7DVortex 4WD Turbo2-DoorE-4AT •F4WD
19871988AX7DXT 4WD Turbo2-Door5MT •F4WD
19871988AX7DXT 4WD Turbo2-DoorE-4AT •F4WD
19881989AC1EL Series 1.3 DL4-Door5MT •FWD
19881989AC1EL Series 1.3 GL4-Door5MT •FWD
19881989BC2ALegacy Ei JDM4-Door5MT •FWD
19881990BC3ALegacy Mi JDM4-Door5MT •S4WD
19881989BC2ALegacy Mi JDM4-DoorE-4AT •FWD