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Subaru Legacy B4 RSK Limited

Applied ModelBE5D4RD-95 Search Code
BuiltJuly 2002 (21 years and 7 months ago)
Original Transmission5-Speed Manual (5MT)
Original Colour51E Solid White (“Pure White”)
Rarity273 Cars Built With Matching Specification
This is the total amount of Subaru Legacy B4 RSK Limited built that have Applied Model BE5D4RD and Colour Code 51E.

#Subawo Timeline

Current Owner@Hevos93
StatusDaily Drive
Date Acquired30th June 2022




Posted by @Hevos93 (Current Owner) on Friday, 26th August 2022.

This is my first Subaru, and i decided to import it to Norway from Japan. I absolutely fell in love with the B4 and when i came across this one i knew i had to buy it.
January 10th 2022 i pulled the trigger and i told my importer to bid on it, of course i went over my budget:)
February 15th 2022 it was loaded onto a boat from Japan towards Poland for registration. The boat was the Aniara from Stockholm and it visited alot of countries before it was unloaded. Japan, Korea, China (x2), The Panama Canal, USA (x3), Sweden and then Germany. In Germany it was unloaded and transported the rest of the way by truck.
May 2nd it arrived at my importers place in Poland.

And finally it arrived in Norway to me June 30th 2022.

After enjoying the car a lot and driving a couple of thousand kilometers the primary turbo died on the road to an event, leaving me stranded July 9th 2022.
Since this is my dream car i am going to work as hard as i can to fix the car and get it back into driving condition.

Today is August 26th, meaning the car has not been driven in 1 month and 18 days, but i will not stop before this car is driving again.