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1997 Subaru Legacy L Automatic

Specification specific to Subarus with Applied Model BK7CY3W and main Option Code DQ

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PlatformSecond Generation Subaru Legacy
Body Style5-Door Station Wagon
Production CycleRevision CApril 1996 to May 1997
Model CodeN/A (JDM cars only for emissions classifications)
SteeringLeft-Hand Drive
MarketUSA, Canada and Taiwan (USDM)
Production DatesJuly 1996 to May 1997
Date On Sale
Chassis List389
Engine Type
ConfigurationFour Cylinder Horizontally Opposed (“Flat Four”)
Cylinder Bore96.9mm
Compression Ratio:1
Fuel TypePetrol
InductionNaturally Aspirated
ValvetrainSingle Overhead Camshaft (SOHC)
Valves164Valves per Cylinder
Peak Power139PSat5,400 rpm
Peak Torque197N·mat4,000rpm
Transmission Type Ratio Graph
TransmissionElectro 4-Speed Automatic (E-4AT)
DriveFull-time Four Wheel Drive with Active Torque Split Multi-plate Clutch (ACT-4 F4WD)
Wheel Size14×5.5JJ
Tyre Size185/70R14
Colour Options230Solid White (“Pure White”)
262Metallic Light Silver (“Quick / Blade Silver”)
433Pearlescent Dark Green (“Frontier Green”)
466Pearlescent Dark Blue (“State Blue”)
947Mica Ruby
Option Codes
Option Code Notes
Additional Notes
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