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Model Applications

24 Subaru Model variations fitted with Transmission Type TU460JDAAA as standard, or available as a factory fitted option.

TU460JDAAARC2EJPR2 Refi Bitter selection46 PS10/065/07
TU460JDAAARC2EJPR2 R54 PS11/065/07
TU460JDAAARC2EJPR2 i46 PS11/065/07
TU460JDAAARC2EJPR2 Refi46 PS11/065/07
TU460JDAAARC2EJPR2 R type S54 PS11/065/07
TU460JDAAARC2FJPR2 R54 PS5/075/08
TU460JDAAARC2FJPR2 Refi46 PS5/075/08
TU460JDAAARC2FJPR2 F+46 PS6/075/08
TU460JDAAARC2FJPR2 F46 PS6/075/08
TU460JDAAARC2FJPR2 Refi Bitter selection46 PS12/075/08
TU460JDAAARC2GJPR2 F+46 PS6/084/10
TU460JDAAARC2GJPR2 F46 PS6/084/10
TU460JDAAARC2GJPR2 R54 PS6/084/10
TU460JDAAARC2GJPR2 Refi46 PS6/084/10
TU460JDAAARC2GJPR2 FAVORITE Edition46 PS7/0810/09
TU460JDAAARC2GJPR2 Smart Selection46 PS11/094/10
TU460JDAAARJ2EJPR1 R54 PS10/065/07
TU460JDAAARJ2EJPR1 i46 PS11/065/07
TU460JDAAARJ2FJPR1 R54 PS6/076/08
TU460JDAAARJ2GJPR1 R54 PS6/084/10
TU460JDAAARJ2GJPR1 R Premium Black Limited54 PS11/094/10
TU460JDAAARN2AJPStella L54 PS5/0610/07
TU460JDAAARN2AJPStella L Rental spec54 PS6/0610/07
TU460JDAAARN2AJPStella L Special54 PS2/0710/07

Transmission Specification

Sorry, Transmission specifications are not available for TU460JDAAA.