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Model Applications

Nine Subaru Model variations fitted with Transmission Type TY756W1ZAB as standard, or available as a factory fitted option.

TY756W1ZABSHDAGBForester 2.0D XSn147 PS6/0811/08
TY756W1ZABSHDAEUForester 2.0D XS147 PS7/082/09
TY756W1ZABSHDAGBForester 2.0D X147 PS7/0811/08
TY756W1ZABSHDAGBForester 2.0D XC147 PS7/081/09
TY756W1ZABSHDBGBForester 2.0D X6/092/10
TY756W1ZABSHHBEUForester 2.0D4/1010/10
TY756W1ZABSHHBGBForester 2.0D X5/108/10
TY756W1ZABSHHBGBForester 2.0D XC5/1010/10
TY756W1ZABSHHBGBForester 2.0D XSn5/109/10

Plot GraphTransmission Specification

6-Speed Manual Transmission (6MT), fitted new to production cars from June 2008 to October 2010.

Main Transmission
First Gear Ratio3.454:1
Second Gear Ratio1.750:1
Third Gear Ratio1.062:1
Forth Gear Ratio0.785:1
Fifth Gear Ratio0.634:1
Sixth Gear Ratio0.557:1
Seventh Gear Ratio
Reverse Gear Ratio3.636:1
High Range Ratio
Low Range Ratio
Drive System
Full-time four wheel drive (VCD)
Bevel gear type centre differential with viscous coupling slip limiter.
Rear Drive Transfer Ratio1.000:1
Front Differential
Ring Gear Teeth40
Pinion Gear Teeth9
Final Drive Ratio4.444:1
Rear Differential
Final Drive Ratio4.444:1

Vehicle Speed at 1,000 rpm

Tyre SizeFirstSecondThirdForthFifthSixthSeventhReverse
215/65R168.42 km/h(5.23 mph)16.62 km/h(10.33 mph)27.39 km/h(17.02 mph)37.06 km/h(23.03 mph)45.88 km/h(28.51 mph)52.23 km/h(32.45 mph)−8.00 km/h(−4.97 mph)
225/55R178.34 km/h(5.18 mph)16.46 km/h(10.23 mph)27.13 km/h(16.86 mph)36.70 km/h(22.80 mph)45.44 km/h(28.24 mph)51.72 km/h(32.14 mph)−7.92 km/h(−4.92 mph)

The Tyre Sizes shown are the various OEM sizes for Subarus fitted with Transmission Type TY756W1ZAB. For other tyre sizes, or for vehicle speeds at different engine speeds, see the Vehicle Speed Calculator and Graph page.

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