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Subaru Legacy VZ

Applied ModelBFAA46F-WX Search Code
BuiltJuly 1989 (34 years and 10 months ago)
Original Transmission5-Speed Manual (5MT)
Original Colour943 Metallic Grey (“Slate Grey Metallic”)
Rarity242 Cars Built With Matching Specification
This is the total amount of Subaru Legacy VZ built that have Applied Model BFAA46F and Colour Code 943.

#BFA005099 Timeline

Last Known Owner@Miguel
Date Acquired10th April 2015
Date Scrapped20th June 2019




Posted by @Miguel (Previous Owner) on Saturday, 4th September 2021.

This was a great rev happy little thing. Picked up for $350AUD with a bent clutch fork. Pulled the box out one evening and replaced that. Life got in the way and it sat around for a while, eventually registered. My partner learned manual in it(Had a minor oopsie with a pole in the process). I drove it around a lot. My stepmum needed a car so she drove it for a bit then the reg ran out and it was pinched from out front of their house :(. Recovered not far away a few days later. I had it towed back to mine and stripped it for parts.